Naturally increase Low Platelet count

As the monsoon progresses, Dengue cases are on the rise. One emergency situation in Dengue is speedy and drastic decrease in platelet count.

There were very less experiments in other countries for use of Papaya leaves but in India, people report very encouraging results.  Reportedly, fall in platelet count stops immediately and rise in the count is seen only after few servings of Papaya leaves juice are consumed.

Preparation :

Take few Papaya leaves and wash them good. Cut them in pieces and grind them in the grinder. Add water to make it thin. If you can drink thicker juice, add less water but be warned – those who have used it say it does not taste good. They say drink a small glass in one go so that you don’t have to endure bad taste for long time ! Some people are seen adding few teaspoonful Honey also to improve taste as well as to get more energy because Patient is very weak due to Dengue fever. Do this 3 times a day.

This is so popular remedy in India that during and soon after monsoon when Dengue cases are more, people find it hard to get Papaya leaves.

If you or friend or a relative is affected with Dengue, this can be worth trying in support of other treatment.

We shall discuss other natural remedies for Dengue later.